Coconut oil is popular as a natural way to pamper your skin, hair and scalp as it is deep moisturizing, rich in vitamins and minerals that have a multitude of benefits to soothe and  relax your mind, body and soul.

Coconut oil is a fantastic gift from nature for hair and scalp as its benefits to hydrate scalp, prevent hair loss, boost hair growth, against dandruff and soothe itchy and flaky scalp. In addition, it helps to improve blood circulation, relieve stress, promote restful sleep and relax your mind.


DIORA Langsuan
  • 60 Mins. : 2,000 THB
  • 90 Mins. : 2,700 THB
DIORA Luxe (Asoke / Lumpini / Sukhumvit)
  • 60 Mins. : 2,300  THB
  • 90 Mins. : 2,700 THB

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