Exfoliation helps your skin to look smoother and more youthful while Fresh Herbal Compress is designed for Thai Herbal Lovers to enhance blood flow and stretch muscle joints. This simulating massage helps detoxify the muscle and relieve pain. Warm Oil Head Massage will enhance blood circulation in the head and neck area while spreading the natural oils of the hair, increasing hair luster.


DIORA Langsuan

Not Available

DIORA Luxe (Asoke / Lumpini / Sukhumvit)

Package I

• Body Scrub (60-min)
• Fresh Herbal Compress (60-min)
• Warm Oil Head Massage (90-min)
210-Min 4,500 THB


Package II

• Organic Aromatherapy Oil/100% Pure Oil Massage with Hot Stone (120-min)
• Warm Oil Head Massage (90-min)
 210-Min : 4,700 THB